Saturday, September 15, 2018

Nwaozi of Abia state start the bulk vote race at season 14

Late Friday the Adandiigbo cultural pageant released the first segment of the ongoing voting results for bulk votes with an indication of the end of the first collated week on bulk votes at it's season 14 voting exercise.
The Friday results
Indicated that after  compilation of the weekly bulk votes
*NWAOZICHUKWU CHIJINDU  FAV*      of   *Abia state* emerged the first *star of the week* ending 14th September .
Nwaozi had the best bulk vote for the week ended 14th September 2018 , documentation of votes and bank alerts are open for audit and scrutiny at the end of the exercise .
15th September marks  the beginning of another week of voting and confirmation of  who would have the highest weekly report of bulk votes ,single vote analysis is only open at the event proper .
There are eight more weeks of analysis  before the pageant proper
*Nwaozi* emerges  weekly star and      *Abia state* acknowledged  state to reckon with of the week at the current adandiigbo cultural Pageant votes
To vote go to pick your favorite contestant send the number of votes and amount to 0016891349 adandiigbo beauty pageant diamond Bank PLC
With the name of the contestant as depositor
Or for single votes send  adandiigbo contestants name to 33811
The voting  would last 8 weeks .

Saturday, September 30, 2017




Adandiigbo  The Most Beautiful Igbo Girl Season 13 Registration Portal Opens
The east has been on the news lately for the very wrong reasons ,this changed for the better as , early this week , the Organizers of Igbo lands  premier cultural pageant ,the Adandiigbo the most beautiful Igbo girl  rose from a meeting with a communique on preparations for the season 13  of  Igbo lands  most glamorous ,oldest ,non political and  non swimwear  pageantry The Adandiigbo™

The  strictly by invitation pageant is in its thirteenth season ,Adandiigbo  , literally translated to English means, the first daughter of the Igbo race and is the Premier and  longest Lasting Igbo Cultural  pageant that has kept the Igbo maidens mindful of contemporary everyday  need to understand their language culture and morals

Started in 2005,The pageant has travelled from state to state preaching the message of Cultural revival ,morals and the Igbo Language .

This years theme is Making Igboland Great Again  .The message is not partisan nor political Igboland must be great again . Registration is online and possible only at .
All Enquiries on adandiigbo be channeled by whatsapp to 08063939351.,
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IGBO GIRL Adandiigbo cultural pageants


adandiigbo event pix 09 197.JPG

joeseph anele2 744.JPG

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IGBO GIRL Adandiigbo cultural pageants, 08063939351

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Season 13.Adandiigbo Making Igboland great again

Are you between the Ages of 16-28years?
Do you understand Igbo language ?
do you have a  desire to promote and build bridges across ethnic nationalities?

Registration Is ongoing

* Cash prize
*ambassadorial Duties
*Image branding
*Promotional deal

To be considered for the 13th edition of Adandiigbo
Cultural pageant

A registration of 5,000 naira only

Diamond Bank
 Adandiigbo, Beauty pageant

After payment in the bank Send
•whatsapp number
• Full Name
• Age
• Biography
• Location
• Statistics (B:Hip:W)

No LIVE Auditions, only ONLINE Auditions!  & Accreditation

Making Igbo land great again

Monday, October 31, 2016


Once upon a time, two Nnewi fellas one a Pharmacist HRM Chidalu Ogwueleka, Adandiigbo 2012 and Dr.Chidiebere Ikeotuonye went jogging into the woods of Anambra state . We thought they were going on a research to get roots for a new kind of drug to make a fortune with, because, we at the Adandiigbo Organisation, are aware we have stuff in our pharmacist ex-queen .We were overwhelmed, however, when the potion manufactured was that of immense love and wait a minute , dates for a holy matrimony .Our very own Hrm Chidalu Ogwueleka ,our priced Nnewi born Adandiigbo 2012 is getting married in Nnewi and the dates are November 12 and 19th ,2016 shortly before season 12 !!!!!keep a date with us


Our society and the judgmental syndrome , so many are waiting to dissociate them selves from the 2015 Miss Anambra beauty queen, Miss Chidinma Okeke and the pageant organizers Anambra Broadcasting Service,ABS, but where would that get us ?Have we bothered to thread carefully to ponder on these scenarios?. 1 .Who was behind the video? 2. Can we believe Chidinmas stories after initially denying the video was shopped ?,Who is threatening to kill the pageant winner?3.was this video acted under duress ?4.why is the queen hesitant to name names ? 5. Has the desired effect been achieved or are we being taken for a ride here as gullible audiences? .The persons that has the answers to all our questions is no other than Chidinma Okeke and her alleged PA . Homosexuality is bad ,first,lets call a spade a spade.Our culture and our norms abhor it. Whatever led to the video should be condemned in its entirety . But what is the catch ? is this aimed at bringing the government into disrepute? Anambra is known for its new ventures into massive agriculture both mechanized and at subsistence levels even there is gist of aerial maintenance of farmlands in Anambra State .Anambra state is also noted for a new reputation for its tourism ,economy and political stability , what is the impact of the video at this tumultuous electoral period ? is it a masterstroke to undermine the serving government? or a plan to portray Igbo people on the negative side, is this aimed at making caricature of the achievements of the state politically ?.The state actually meant rice and vegetable products mostly ,don’t remember cucumber as one of the Agricultural products Anambra is famous for .Well this is the action of one individual and not as these blackmailers, whomever they are ,want the world to believe . Nigerian Pageants are free of Morleys magic ,and are rated by highly qualified industry players . But what should be under the radar is ,what just happened ?Chidinma , tell us the truth . Dragging the name of Individuals who have done nothing ,but be good citizens doing their jobs as dedicated Anambra broadcasting Service staff, is just pitiable . Rushing to take sides on an issue like this is not just hasty , but portrays us as no different than jungle justice mobsters. Lets judge ourselves, even if that young woman is guilty, does it seem as if the parents sent her on such an inglorious mission? .Most pageants frowns at nudity of recent , most pageants are reverting to non swim suits on the run way ,meaning bikinis are not popular anymore .Yet Chidinmas misfortune recorded huge searches for part 3 of the videos!!! oh she did wrong ,but what is the crowd rushing to watch ? this is hypocrisy. Modelling is a big industry worldwide ,trying to cast aspersions or ridicule models as loose people is unsavory . Pageants would always be there , one bad apple does not mean all models are bad people . Pageantry dates back to the bible in esther 2 1-18 and is in the culture of most ethnic nationalities,where the king calls out for a display of all nubile brides in the community. Cultural pageants are on the increase since 2005 , we owe our children and the generations yet to be borne a duty to only condemn as guilty those who are guilty and exonerate the guiltless .Jesus Christ suffered on the cross because a mob wanted him crucified . First , as events unfold we would know which story is the true one . Was that video scripted at gun point?Was she blackmailed? by whom and for what purpose .Lets get the real stories and not point fingers at innocent people that may be mere onlookers . By the way stop watching out for part 3 .