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Once upon a time, two Nnewi fellas one a Pharmacist HRM Chidalu Ogwueleka, Adandiigbo 2012 and Dr.Chidiebere Ikeotuonye went jogging into the woods of Anambra state . We thought they were going on a research to get roots for a new kind of drug to make a fortune with, because, we at the Adandiigbo Organisation, are aware we have stuff in our pharmacist ex-queen .We were overwhelmed, however, when the potion manufactured was that of immense love and wait a minute , dates for a holy matrimony .Our very own Hrm Chidalu Ogwueleka ,our priced Nnewi born Adandiigbo 2012 is getting married in Nnewi and the dates are November 12 and 19th ,2016 shortly before season 12 !!!!!keep a date with us


Our society and the judgmental syndrome , so many are waiting to dissociate them selves from the 2015 Miss Anambra beauty queen, Miss Chidinma Okeke and the pageant organizers Anambra Broadcasting Service,ABS, but where would that get us ?Have we bothered to thread carefully to ponder on these scenarios?. 1 .Who was behind the video? 2. Can we believe Chidinmas stories after initially denying the video was shopped ?,Who is threatening to kill the pageant winner?3.was this video acted under duress ?4.why is the queen hesitant to name names ? 5. Has the desired effect been achieved or are we being taken for a ride here as gullible audiences? .The persons that has the answers to all our questions is no other than Chidinma Okeke and her alleged PA . Homosexuality is bad ,first,lets call a spade a spade.Our culture and our norms abhor it. Whatever led to the video should be condemned in its entirety . But what is the catch ? is this aimed at bringing the government into disrepute? Anambra is known for its new ventures into massive agriculture both mechanized and at subsistence levels even there is gist of aerial maintenance of farmlands in Anambra State .Anambra state is also noted for a new reputation for its tourism ,economy and political stability , what is the impact of the video at this tumultuous electoral period ? is it a masterstroke to undermine the serving government? or a plan to portray Igbo people on the negative side, is this aimed at making caricature of the achievements of the state politically ?.The state actually meant rice and vegetable products mostly ,don’t remember cucumber as one of the Agricultural products Anambra is famous for .Well this is the action of one individual and not as these blackmailers, whomever they are ,want the world to believe . Nigerian Pageants are free of Morleys magic ,and are rated by highly qualified industry players . But what should be under the radar is ,what just happened ?Chidinma , tell us the truth . Dragging the name of Individuals who have done nothing ,but be good citizens doing their jobs as dedicated Anambra broadcasting Service staff, is just pitiable . Rushing to take sides on an issue like this is not just hasty , but portrays us as no different than jungle justice mobsters. Lets judge ourselves, even if that young woman is guilty, does it seem as if the parents sent her on such an inglorious mission? .Most pageants frowns at nudity of recent , most pageants are reverting to non swim suits on the run way ,meaning bikinis are not popular anymore .Yet Chidinmas misfortune recorded huge searches for part 3 of the videos!!! oh she did wrong ,but what is the crowd rushing to watch ? this is hypocrisy. Modelling is a big industry worldwide ,trying to cast aspersions or ridicule models as loose people is unsavory . Pageants would always be there , one bad apple does not mean all models are bad people . Pageantry dates back to the bible in esther 2 1-18 and is in the culture of most ethnic nationalities,where the king calls out for a display of all nubile brides in the community. Cultural pageants are on the increase since 2005 , we owe our children and the generations yet to be borne a duty to only condemn as guilty those who are guilty and exonerate the guiltless .Jesus Christ suffered on the cross because a mob wanted him crucified . First , as events unfold we would know which story is the true one . Was that video scripted at gun point?Was she blackmailed? by whom and for what purpose .Lets get the real stories and not point fingers at innocent people that may be mere onlookers . By the way stop watching out for part 3 .

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As a young girl above 17 , in Igboland a potential mother is born .The Igbos despise early marriage and their girl child are given enough grooming on how to keep a home nurse the child avoid divorce and domestic violence .Nna anyi , Obim , are common names in Igbo parlance being overtaken by Papa Nkechi , a not so loving pet name ,a sign that our moral values are eroding and we really need to do those things that make an Igbo bride highly sought after . An Igbo bride does not come very cheap because apart from beauty chastity abound amongst the Igbos, The females when married view adultery as sacrilegious. We cannot exhaust this topic on little notes like this but we can teach within a 3 year span the dos and the donts of Igbo culture to our members through soft notes lectures seminars so they can in turn impact on the society around them The first step is being part of the community , run like the contemporary social clubs on campus , the Adandiigbo community are the major grooming ground for the Adandiigbo beauty pageant The winner of the pageant is crowned as the Adandiigbo and has 12 months to single handedly change her environment , the only support being from public spirited individuals governments ,companies and agencies. She gets remunerated from her activities and sponsorship gotten from her programmes . The winner is permitted a team called the state reps or ADA ENUGU ,ADA IMO, ADADELTA, ADARIVERS ,ADAANAMBRA, ADAEBONYI to help put her job in motion and check excessive traveling across six states of the federation .Some business men that are not well informed and schooled have tried to duplicate pageants in this name not minding that the organization is the first contemporary copyrighted and registered ethnic beauty pageant in Nigeria . News about how this event has gone for the past eleven years is obtainable from while news specifically on the structure and info on the community is obtainable at New contestants and girls wishing to contest are free to go to for registration, her majesty's tweets are on twitter handle @hrmmbig e mails are strictly on and phone messages strictly on 08063939351 The Adandiigbo community 2016

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UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES The average Igbo Girl is brought up in a morally upright cultural background but how do we sustain this ? We must ensure Our children and sisters are exemplary. Non violent ,non vulgar non abusive With Strong strength of character Ensuring Unity of purpose Sisters Keeper Honest and truthful A good follower and a good leader Humble and down to earth Explore hidden abilities , introverted and creative Prayerful and optimist Not given to filthy lucre Hospitable and Kind knowledgeable and aware of the environment EXPECTATIONS FOR EVERY COMMUNITY MEMBER Adherence to exemplary and moral values of the Igbo girl Child as depicted in the Igbo Culture Nurturing Beauty of the mind through cultural dance, moral values, lifestyle and praise . Promoting and discovery of talents of the Igbo girl child Supporting through Mentors and sponsors Hard work and avoiding bad conduct like stealing vulgarity or arrogance Remembering that tomorrows mother is today’s girl child lessons learnt would be passed on as life’s norms .


GARNERING POINTS New members of any category may gather points from their activities to be redeemed for prize money and a pin if the criteria are met ,at the Annual convention yearly . This helps to empower the members to be able to empower the populace . Blue rings Members that populate a community fastest by sponsoring good charactered members get a blue ring, point per inductee ,50 of these rings get rewarded with a community pin and prize money .Each inductees forms must indicate reciepient as having introduced her to the community Orange rings Members that carry out projects and ensure positive growth of the organization get orange rings per project done 7 of such acknowledged projects get a community pin and prize money at the Annual event . Yellow rings Members that bring in Mentors that pays fees for the indigent girl child that maybe due to death or financial hardship of parents could not continue education 10 rings point is equal to a community pin .Their must be proof that the girl child being sponsored is not related to both the Mentor or the community member and the entire decision making body Red Rings Members that bring in organizational sponsors get points. The volume done by such sponsors would add up to the decision for a community pin .However the volume must not be less than the aggregate of the points for the blue pin community pin HONOURS AND PINS FOR HARDWORK Community Pins Community pins are medals gotten from achievements in one Endeavour or the other they add up to show the outstanding result oriented and hard working members . The prize money given for each pin varies according to the dictates of the Central Obi There are no short cuts to pins in the community when a member bearing a community pin exceeds his pins by 3 times the category that gave her the first pin in the community she gets a gravitational pin marked Regional fellow . Regional Fellow The prize money for regional pins are greater than community pins and takes into consideration the efforts of the members and their usefulness to the communities they have served . Leader ship pin These are honorary pins that are given to both members and non members that have excelled in a particular way . It is a non point counting pin and does not carry financial prize money Dame DAME The highest pin given to any community member for activities in the community Members with Dame pin must be married and exemplary members of the community who have merited all pins and has gone ahead to break new grounds and keep the organization in a particular order DONATIONS AWARDS Much of our programmes must be funded from donations and goodwill gifts from organizations and individuals with a good reputation, donations from untoward and unidentified sources may not be received despite the conditions Anonymous donations must have proof of original donors saved before shielding the identity of any donor All donations are acknowledged with a letter .However exceptional donations are accompanied with a certificate and a pin some of these donations are ABOVE 500,000 TO 1 MILLION A Community pin which is an embodiment of the same effort by members bearing the same category of pin ABOVE 1 MILLION Regional fellow pin is given to individuals or organizations giving more than a million to the organization Mentors and sponsors who give cash or sponsorship are decorated with a leadership pin To reach the Adandiigbo organisation send a male to Adaevent or read more at

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Our community is a beehive of pride to Igboland ,give your support in making the Adandiigbo community worth its while for every Igbo girl child . We are not a political or freedom fighting organization . Individual opinions on political issues must be at best kept in ones heart and not discussed on our forums . CLUSTERS By registering with the community at you are placed in a cluster as a nwada until you mature in 12 months to an Agboho All discussions with you are online and only through the forums that would be supplied to you . At the cluster level this maturity is subject to an induction that would gravitate and bring you to the realities of the empowerment schemes and regulations that guide this community of the Igbo girl child .This cluster would house all uninducted members until Induction day every November of the year. CHARTERING An Adandiigbo community is a cluster of similar valued Igbo girl child participants who having participated online for 12 months are found valuable to the service of keeping our Igbo language , culture and traditions . These cluster members can decide to participate in any of our programmes but are without the key privileges accorded members .These members are not eligible to vote or be voted for neither are they ripe to be representatives of the body they must show exceptional leadership skills.However exceptional performances on the side of nwadas would be acknowledged. All clusters must make up to twenty members to be chartered as a community. All pageant contestants must pass through or be in this stage . Chartering of any community must be as directed by the Director of Administration , the State queens and the Adandiigbo or at least two of the above The lower limit of 20 pioneering members of every community , does not mean that a community must remain at twenty, admission into communities must be done with the Director Cordination ,who after inducting new cluster members annually looks for the nearest community to fix all inducted members all inducted members must belong to a community . registration is only at