Tuesday, May 10, 2016


UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES The average Igbo Girl is brought up in a morally upright cultural background but how do we sustain this ? We must ensure Our children and sisters are exemplary. Non violent ,non vulgar non abusive With Strong strength of character Ensuring Unity of purpose Sisters Keeper Honest and truthful A good follower and a good leader Humble and down to earth Explore hidden abilities , introverted and creative Prayerful and optimist Not given to filthy lucre Hospitable and Kind knowledgeable and aware of the environment EXPECTATIONS FOR EVERY COMMUNITY MEMBER Adherence to exemplary and moral values of the Igbo girl Child as depicted in the Igbo Culture Nurturing Beauty of the mind through cultural dance, moral values, lifestyle and praise . Promoting and discovery of talents of the Igbo girl child Supporting through Mentors and sponsors Hard work and avoiding bad conduct like stealing vulgarity or arrogance Remembering that tomorrows mother is today’s girl child lessons learnt would be passed on as life’s norms .

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