Tuesday, May 10, 2016


GARNERING POINTS New members of any category may gather points from their activities to be redeemed for prize money and a pin if the criteria are met ,at the Annual convention yearly . This helps to empower the members to be able to empower the populace . Blue rings Members that populate a community fastest by sponsoring good charactered members get a blue ring, point per inductee ,50 of these rings get rewarded with a community pin and prize money .Each inductees forms must indicate reciepient as having introduced her to the community Orange rings Members that carry out projects and ensure positive growth of the organization get orange rings per project done 7 of such acknowledged projects get a community pin and prize money at the Annual event . Yellow rings Members that bring in Mentors that pays fees for the indigent girl child that maybe due to death or financial hardship of parents could not continue education 10 rings point is equal to a community pin .Their must be proof that the girl child being sponsored is not related to both the Mentor or the community member and the entire decision making body Red Rings Members that bring in organizational sponsors get points. The volume done by such sponsors would add up to the decision for a community pin .However the volume must not be less than the aggregate of the points for the blue pin community pin HONOURS AND PINS FOR HARDWORK Community Pins Community pins are medals gotten from achievements in one Endeavour or the other they add up to show the outstanding result oriented and hard working members . The prize money given for each pin varies according to the dictates of the Central Obi There are no short cuts to pins in the community when a member bearing a community pin exceeds his pins by 3 times the category that gave her the first pin in the community she gets a gravitational pin marked Regional fellow . Regional Fellow The prize money for regional pins are greater than community pins and takes into consideration the efforts of the members and their usefulness to the communities they have served . Leader ship pin These are honorary pins that are given to both members and non members that have excelled in a particular way . It is a non point counting pin and does not carry financial prize money Dame DAME The highest pin given to any community member for activities in the community Members with Dame pin must be married and exemplary members of the community who have merited all pins and has gone ahead to break new grounds and keep the organization in a particular order DONATIONS AWARDS Much of our programmes must be funded from donations and goodwill gifts from organizations and individuals with a good reputation, donations from untoward and unidentified sources may not be received despite the conditions Anonymous donations must have proof of original donors saved before shielding the identity of any donor All donations are acknowledged with a letter .However exceptional donations are accompanied with a certificate and a pin some of these donations are ABOVE 500,000 TO 1 MILLION A Community pin which is an embodiment of the same effort by members bearing the same category of pin ABOVE 1 MILLION Regional fellow pin is given to individuals or organizations giving more than a million to the organization Mentors and sponsors who give cash or sponsorship are decorated with a leadership pin To reach the Adandiigbo organisation send a male to Adaevent #yahoo.com or read more at www.Adandiigbo.blogspot.com

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