Friday, May 6, 2016


Our community is a beehive of pride to Igboland ,give your support in making the Adandiigbo community worth its while for every Igbo girl child . We are not a political or freedom fighting organization . Individual opinions on political issues must be at best kept in ones heart and not discussed on our forums . CLUSTERS By registering with the community at you are placed in a cluster as a nwada until you mature in 12 months to an Agboho All discussions with you are online and only through the forums that would be supplied to you . At the cluster level this maturity is subject to an induction that would gravitate and bring you to the realities of the empowerment schemes and regulations that guide this community of the Igbo girl child .This cluster would house all uninducted members until Induction day every November of the year. CHARTERING An Adandiigbo community is a cluster of similar valued Igbo girl child participants who having participated online for 12 months are found valuable to the service of keeping our Igbo language , culture and traditions . These cluster members can decide to participate in any of our programmes but are without the key privileges accorded members .These members are not eligible to vote or be voted for neither are they ripe to be representatives of the body they must show exceptional leadership skills.However exceptional performances on the side of nwadas would be acknowledged. All clusters must make up to twenty members to be chartered as a community. All pageant contestants must pass through or be in this stage . Chartering of any community must be as directed by the Director of Administration , the State queens and the Adandiigbo or at least two of the above The lower limit of 20 pioneering members of every community , does not mean that a community must remain at twenty, admission into communities must be done with the Director Cordination ,who after inducting new cluster members annually looks for the nearest community to fix all inducted members all inducted members must belong to a community . registration is only at

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