Monday, May 30, 2016


As a young girl above 17 , in Igboland a potential mother is born .The Igbos despise early marriage and their girl child are given enough grooming on how to keep a home nurse the child avoid divorce and domestic violence .Nna anyi , Obim , are common names in Igbo parlance being overtaken by Papa Nkechi , a not so loving pet name ,a sign that our moral values are eroding and we really need to do those things that make an Igbo bride highly sought after . An Igbo bride does not come very cheap because apart from beauty chastity abound amongst the Igbos, The females when married view adultery as sacrilegious. We cannot exhaust this topic on little notes like this but we can teach within a 3 year span the dos and the donts of Igbo culture to our members through soft notes lectures seminars so they can in turn impact on the society around them The first step is being part of the community , run like the contemporary social clubs on campus , the Adandiigbo community are the major grooming ground for the Adandiigbo beauty pageant The winner of the pageant is crowned as the Adandiigbo and has 12 months to single handedly change her environment , the only support being from public spirited individuals governments ,companies and agencies. She gets remunerated from her activities and sponsorship gotten from her programmes . The winner is permitted a team called the state reps or ADA ENUGU ,ADA IMO, ADADELTA, ADARIVERS ,ADAANAMBRA, ADAEBONYI to help put her job in motion and check excessive traveling across six states of the federation .Some business men that are not well informed and schooled have tried to duplicate pageants in this name not minding that the organization is the first contemporary copyrighted and registered ethnic beauty pageant in Nigeria . News about how this event has gone for the past eleven years is obtainable from while news specifically on the structure and info on the community is obtainable at New contestants and girls wishing to contest are free to go to for registration, her majesty's tweets are on twitter handle @hrmmbig e mails are strictly on and phone messages strictly on 08063939351 The Adandiigbo community 2016

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